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Hey Friends.

Just want to bask in the fun of this invented holiday.

We've come a long long way.

You  realize how old you are when you're planning a Christmas dinner for your high school friends, finding that the headcount has now doubled.  Each girl is bringing a plus one - 5 boyfriends, and one cute little one year old boy.

Boy times have changed.
And sleeping.  Yes, sleeping.  Drinking juice, tons of juice I have 10 million % recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C already.  I want to be cuuured!  Cuuure me!!!  Everything's been packing up and yet I cannot enjoy.  My room's almost done yet I cannot fix it up because of this stupid virus going around.  I'm so hungary yet everything is not throat-friendly.

Le sigh.

But I've come to share something totally baduy that my brother and I endure when in my lola's house.

I lack continuity in the last one.  I dunno.  It gets more awkward by the year.  But yea, we still do it.  The older we are, the bigger the picture gets pa.

Aaaaaahm so hungryyyy!  I haven't consumed anything but juice today.  And I have early meeting tomorrow but I have been sleeping all day I cannot bring myself to sleep anymore.  Le Sigh.