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hysteria and the havana affair.

brought to you by vanilla-coated sarcasm.

someone who's taking pleasure in breaking down.
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It's a luscious mix of words and tricks.
A cacophony.

super private entries are kept for friends sooo..

28 days/weeks later, 6th sense, absolut vanilia, agaw-dilim, alex iii, altered states, angst, apathy, audio and visual spectacles, bags, baking, basketball, beaches and beaching, bitching, books, buying stuff, chai tea, cheap thrills, chuck palahniuk, color, conspiracies, cookies, cooking, cotton candy, coyness, crime, csi, death, delirious music, dementia, deserted wonders, digital art, doodling, dreams, drunkenness yay, earrings, eraserheads, ethereal beings, everything green tea, everything impromptu, extraordinary musicals, fascinating books, fiona apple, foo fighters, foodtrips, foolish crushes, freaks of nature, getting fat, getting fit, ghosts, gigs, gingersnaps, green tea, grins, haagen dazs green tea, happiness, hassles, hate, human tension, hysteria, impulsiveness, independence, indifference, infidelity, interesting conversations, intoxication, john frusciante, kilig moments, kill bill, laughing, malteasers, memories, movies, mrs. field's cookies, murders, music, musical prodigies, musicals, natural highs, not sleeping, philosophy, phoenix, pigging out, poetry, procrastinating, prodigies, psychos, quirky accessories, radiohead, randomness, red hot chili peppers, reminiscing, roller coasters, scaring myself, scrabble, screams, sentimentality, shallow things, shooting whatnots, shopping, sin city, six feet under, skirts, slyness, smiles, snowflakes, social stigmas, soft ice cream, soft serve ice cream, softball, solitude, soundtrips, spine-tingling movies, stigmata, stooopidity, strangers, subcultures, sugarfree, sweets, swimming, system of a down, talking, tea, the far side, the others, the paranormal, those that are meaningful, travels, uni sashimi, unpretentiousness, vanilla, waffles, water, weirdness, white chocolate dream, wolfgang, writing